Birding Cemeteries and Other Lively Places

Three types of property, some more accessible than others that are close to almost any birder resident might be reached by walking or a short drive. The habitats they offer are not particularly natural, but frequently these man-made haunts offer some easy birding.


A frigid 20 something morning invitation for an easy visit to the local cemetery might have been unpleasant had the late morning sun found a cloud. Luckily, not a cloud was in sight, just blue sky, the color darker and more intense straight above and paler and washed out along the horizons. Air borne pollutants gathering in the windless valley contributed heavily to the pallor of the horizon. The temperature during the last several nights dipped into the teens of Fahrenheit. Reminding myself of the heat wave during of a recent trip to Alberta actually made me feel colder. Last…

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